A quick chat with the President

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I had the privilege of speaking with the President of Ace Computers, Marianne Samborski, to discuss her background within the company, new additions to the marketing team, and what the future of Ace Computers might look like. 


When looking for someone to give insight on what Ace Computers is all about, look no further than Marianne, who has been around since the beginning; “Ace Computers was started in 1983 by my brother John when he was in college,” she explained. “I joined in 1994. I had been helping him on a part-time basis, and then it just became too much to handle, so because of sheer demand I left my other job to focus on Ace Computers.”


Fast forward to today, and Marianne has risen to the top of the executive ladder as President of Ace Computers, a position that has come with its share of ups and downs. “I’ll never complain about being busy, but going from a small company to growing has been one of our biggest challenges. But we’ve done a decent job at it.”


Despite the inevitable struggle that a smaller business is going to have while it tries to expand, Marianne also reflected on what she is proud of accomplishing during her tenure: “Landing some of our larger contracts that we weren’t able to get before I’d say is a mark of success. We’re super busy, and we have enough business to keep doing what we’re doing forever. But I would say we need to modernize a little bit more.”


Marianne is referring to a new focus on marketing that Ace Computers is embracing in order to clearly spread the good word of the company to all clients near and far, new and old. “I think we just need greater recognition,” she explained, “When they see us, the meaning of our image is just more high-tech, they know to come to us for a deliverable that is going to be reliable and high performance. Our few customers that do know that, they come back again and again. But I think it’s unfair to the rest of them, say the military for example, to not know that about us. They deserve to be able to buy from us. We need to let everyone in our customer base know what we’re up to. And I think we weren’t doing a good enough job of that.” 


The marketing revamp is currently underway and has included new additions to the marketing and web development team, as well as a complete overhaul of Ace Computer’s websites and social media presence. The goal is to keep up with an industry that never sleeps. “It’s just changing faster and faster. Security and supply chain are really important right now because of who we sell to.”


I asked Marianne about what unique value Ace Computers brings to the table that can’t be found anywhere else. “We’re the perfect fit”, she explained, “We’re trying to give everybody the best solution for whatever it is that they’re doing. Our mission is to give them the best value to minimize the total cost of ownership for the entire three-to-five years that they’re using their computers.”


After years of steady growth and armed with optimism for the future, it appears that Ace Computers is headed in the right direction, and a bevy of new marketing strategies should only bolster more success going forward. 

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