A New Home

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After spending sixteen years in Arlington Heights, Illinois, Ace computers and Ace Tech Partners moved their head of operations to a new facility in the nearby Village of Elk Grove. For the past five years, the Elk Grove location has served as a great home. However, it is once again time for a new chapter in the story of Ace Computers and Ace Tech Partners as we look forward to a much needed upgrade in our move to our new location in Des Plaines, Illinois. 

Our staff is very excited for this new change, as it provides numerous new benefits. Some of these upgrades include a 45% increase in the overall square footage of the new building when compared to our current location, a new automated production line built in place, and updated amenities all around!

The original plans were for us to consolidate everything to the new building. However, due to a large increase in demand for our systems, we will be working out of both locations for the foreseeable future. When asked about what she was most excited about in terms of our new location, Ace Computers President Marianne Samborski said “I am most excited that our capacity to produce systems will almost double”!

The overall excitement for the new building is creating an energetic atmosphere within our staff and we are thrilled to share more news on our new location with you as we get ever closer to our move in date!

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