Vision Desktops The Best Choice for Schools, Offices, Computer Labs…

Desktops are still the primary device for writing, coding, CAE/CAD, creating and editing images, and performing any work that is easier with a large screen, an ergonomic keyboard, processing power, and/or advanced software and cloud applications.

Ace Computers has been providing desktops to schools, offices, government, and the military since 1983. Our commitment to delivering quality, cost-competitive desktops for years of service hasn´t changed.

Standard Criteria:

  • Size Restrictions
  • System Memory
  • Hard Drive/Solid State Storage
  • Security & Management Features
  • VDI/Thin Client Applications
  • Video Performance


Ace Computers hold several major government contracts and has 35 years of procurement experience. We fulfill orders for 10s of 1,000s of desktops each year—ranging from entry level to powerful workstations.

It’s nice to know you can depend on Ace Computers year-after-year to build and support a quality platform. As a registered partner at the highest levels with key suppliers including Intel, AMD, Microsoft, and others, our engineering team continues to monitor and test the latest innovations to reach the market. Whether you are looking for a super small form factor, the lowest energy cost, or working within a tight budget constraint, we can help.

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